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Situated at a short distance from the Schelde and the "Temse bridge", you will be staying here in the heart of the "riverland", the region around the rivers the Schelde, Durme and the Rupel. Nowhere in Flanders so many rivers converge on such a small surface. The freshwater tide action creates a unique fauna and flora. The beautiful nature can be discovered by foot or by bike, on the water, and also with a hot air balloon!

Walking and cycling

Here you can walk and cycle safely through a breathtaking river landscape over car-free and paved dike roads and hike paths. The 12 ferries over the Scheldt, Durme and Rupel make it easy for you to walk from one bank to another. The ferries can only be used by hikers and cyclists, they navigate all year round and are also completely free.

Try them out with the Scheldt ferries trip, which passes by the picturesque villages that formed the decor of the TV serie "Stille Waters". You can bring along your bicycle by yourself or you can rent one. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable hiking and cycling route.

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During the summer, you can also discover and experience the Schelde and Durme aboard a river cruiser.

You sail through one of the most beautiful river landscapes of our country with its beautiful nature of swamps and tidal muds, creeks and inlets and typical villages.

You will discover the region, the culinary treasures, the battle against the floods and the natural areas.

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Air balloon

And finally you can also admire nature from the sky and book a flight with a hot air balloon (of course depending on weather conditions and availability). A balloon gives you an incredible sense of peace and freedom. Fly like a bird!

The Waasland is very famous for the balloon flight. On nice days you can see a lot of balloons flying here in the region. In Sint-Niklaas, the balloon city par excellence, the Vredefeesten take place every year in early September. A balloon top manifestation with a worldwide appearance.


Villages in the neighbourhood

Walking and cycling, you can enjoy the beautiful nature. You will pass beautiful picturesque villages on both banks of the Scheldt, where there is always something to see and to do. The villages on the right bank are well known from the TV serie "Stille Waters".

For example, the hunting pavilion De Notelaer in Hingene, the house of the Vorlat family in the series. Now you can have a drink on the terrace and taste their famous nutpie, or you can enjoy an aperitif concert. In Hingene you will also find the castle, formerly of the d'Ursel family, now a site for exhibitions, concerts and events.

Bornem is famous for his annual Dodentocht. In Mariekerke you can experience the "Eel festival" and "Fish and Folklore" annually. And every 5 years the beautiful open-air spectacle "Kristus aan de Schelde". Further upstream, in Sint-Amands, you find the tomb of Emile Verhaeren. With the heading "Ceux qui vivent d'amour, vivent d'éternité". To be able to read such a phrase at the most beautiful bend of the Scheldt...

If you take the ferry here, you will arrive at the left bank in Moerzeke. Through the potpolders you arrive in Hamme, the birthplace of Filip de Pillecijn. Here the Durme ends in the Scheldt. Either you take the ferry to get to the other side of the Durme. Either you can go with your bike a little further to the Mirabridge. The bridge that thanks her name to the film Mira with Willeke van Ammelrooy and Jan Decleir.

Via Tielrode and Temse you arrive in Steendorp, where you can walk around the fort (currently a bats reserve with more than 1200 inhabitants). And you can drink a Briqueville (the local beer) here. Kruibeke has the largest flood area of Flanders: the nature reserve is 600 hectares tall, and oh so beautiful. In Bazel you can take a stroll in the park of the castle of Wissekerke, or just enjoy the village center or the culinary Hofke van Bazel! In Rupelmonde the Rupel ends in the Scheldt. Mercator was born here. A village with lots of sundials on the house facades, with the Graventoren and the Tides mill and, of course, a statue of Mercator.

Castle of Marnix of Saint Aldegonde De Notelaer Castle d'Ursel

The Gilleminus
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